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Being a Green


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So travelled to Chinchilla to catch up with relos and the plan was for my brother dad and


i to go camping with my uncle but 4 inchs in 3 days meant that wasnt going to happen so we stayed at our grandmas as per usual. Once we unpacked the car we grabbed our stuff together and mum dropped us off down at burnt bridge road where i fished last time we came down and i caught plenty of tandanus and some big carp. We chucked the cray/shrimp pots in and our lines and just waited and it didnt take too long at all only about 10mins to start gettign bites. my float then disapeered under the water and i struck hard and i saw the big silvery scales and massive orange tail of another big chinchilla carp after a few minutes of persuading the fish out of the snags which loaded the area and towards the bank i finally got him up and he was between 50 and 55cm long.





just as we put that one down my other rod with a cray on the bottom took off and i was on all over again this one was a bit bigger and was giving me plenty of curry and really trying to get me bricked but he couldnt get me in anything and i slid him up the bank this one was a bit better around the 60 - 65cm mark and a good 2 to 3 kg




By this stage my brother was very jealous as hed had missed a few and hooked a couple t hav em jump off straight away. it wasnt too long before i hooke donto another this one fought well but was a bit smaller around the 40 - 45cm mark. it wasnt long after and my brother got one about the same size maybe a bit smaller he got him up on the bank as i went down to land him the hook pulled out of his rubbery lips and off he swam the bloody pest. we left the pots in as Dad then turned up and we went off home for lunch :)

I cleaned the gutter and off we went back down to hopefully get a few more. The bites had slowed down dramatically and it took a while too get them back. my brother had plenty of fun geting the crays before one go him and he was a bit tentative after that but he eventually started again and was having heaps of fun. It didnt take too long before my line took off again and i hooked up to another solid carp around the 50 - 55cm mark.


not long after my uncle turned up and there was nothing happening and my brother lost one of my pots :pinch: he left and not long after it started raining and we were freezing and no tcatching anything i caught another little one and that was it and we went home for a hot shower and dinner.


The next day i went back down there and it was a bit chilly and it didnt take me too long before i nailed another carp this one was around 50 - 55cm long and a few snaps later and he was up on the bank with his mates.


Dad then arrived and we moved spots we didnt get a bit in over an hour so we moved spots and dad was geting some good bites and i started bouncing my bait on the bottom when my rod was almost ripped form my hands and i hooked a nice tandanus then i caught another little one and my brother who was getting plenty of bites finally nailed a little carp. mum then arrived and we were off home ad packed the gear in the car and went back in the car and on our way to brissy



my brother having fun with the crays


Thanks for reading Ross B)





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