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Poverty Point @ Rainbow beach..need info


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Hi all, heading to Poverty Point camp ground up at rainbow beach/tin can bay/ coloola, for 5 days over easter.

Never fished from here, apart from the usual species (bream, flathead, whiting), anything else i should expect?

am i able to launch a tinny from this camp groud?

Is there a chance of getting a few muddies or sand crabs around this area?

is it worth leaving the boat on the trailer, and towing it to inskip and fish the channel?

any info would be great.

Cheers - dave

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normally heaps of good muddies up in close to the mangroves up there. just watch your pots.... and dont be put off if they come out of water at low tide. you can also find muddies if you walk the banks at low tide too. Plenty of good mac tuna and longtail if you put the yards in. 15g slugs and 5" pink snapbacks where the lures of choice just before xmas. I will be up at inskip at that time so may see you out there.

cheers matt

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