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PB redfin from lake buffalo victoria.


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Went out for a yak session last Friday to lake Buffalo. Fished for about 3 hrs and covered 7km of lake. I caught a few smaller redfin in amongst a fairly freed section. Just as I thought that they were all small tellers I get this hit, peel some line off. I recently bought a raider II Mexican fire 1-4kg rod to replace my daiwa protester-X IM7 (shaped it in 3 prices, but that is another storey). The new rod is a tad lighter and bending like I have a small marlin on. After using my hobie to pull us outta the snag while I tame the fish, I i get him in the yak and easily my PB redfin. Measured 37cm. Caught on SD-40 and 2lb line. Redfin arson surprisingly tasty, so he came home for a feed. Great way to break in a new rod. I will put up a pic when I can get back on my pc. power is off atm, think they are replacing power poles down the street.


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ok I got my laptop and router working off my inverter off the battery in my boat.. so the pic has been added now. :silly:

geez your very resourceful.

cracker of a redfin, nice one trav :woohoo:


Cheers Mick, power just came back on. drives u nuts when the power goes out and ur in the middle of something... had no power all last friday too. That is when i went out fishing to spend the day. Would have gone out fishing today but had to be home as there was as few ppl coming over to pick up some stuff i sold on ebay. Woo..

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jeez! been a while between reports nitris!!

loving the fishing down there? or up here better?

nice redfin too. good to see the ole afo tape too :P

The fishing is ok down here, it has taken me a while but I catch fish every time I go out weather it be redfin or trout. Took a while to work out trout but I got them worked out now. Will be moving back up to Queensland in 3 weeks, and looking foward to fishing up there again. I do prefer queensland for fishing more variety. All I can catch here are trout and redfin.


Caught that brown last week @ 32cm


caught this little rainbow today @ 25cm

both trout just down the road from my house. I will miss the walk to trout fishing, but will be loving some salt water again. I love that AFO tape, I use it all the time :woohoo:

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