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2011 Moreton Bay Classic - Boundaries Q&A


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Hey everyone!

There have been a few questions floating around regarding boudanries for this competition so to clarify...


The tournament will take place in Moreton Bay (Queensland) inside the following boundaries:

Northern Boundary = S 27° 0"

Southern Boundary = S 27° 50"

Eastern Boundary = South Passage Bar between Moreton Island and North Stradbroke Island

Western Boundaries = 50m up the mouth of any river or creek flowing into Moreton Bay except the Brisbane River. The Brisbane River boundary is the end (furtherest most upstream point) of the rock wall bordering the reclaimed land.

Q: Can you fish in the Bribie Passage?

A: Yes. The passage has been deemed a significant body of water as opposed to a tributory and can thus be fished. Tributories off the Bribie Passage are subject to the 50m rule.

Q: With the Northern boundary up past Cape Moreton , what do would classify the Eastern Boundary at this end of the Bay ?

A: The Eastern boundary is simply no further east than the eastern most point of Moreton Island.

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Just my 2 cents worth for the newbie's that haven't fish moreton bay,be aware of the green zone's around the bay as you don't want to stuff a great comp for your self.I hope this helps

cheers dassa


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I know its a bit late, but you can find a google map with the MBC boundaries overlaid here:

Competitions > Moreton Bay Classic > Boundaries


** please note it is a little 'rough' but will be more accurate tonight. Jeff's map above is still fairly accurate **

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