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curramundi, caliundra help needed!


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Hi guys, I've just been posted to carramundi for work

For two weeks and have never fished here before.

If anyone could let me know any experiences they've had up here if be greatfull

Would really love to catch a jack up here and will go to any

Effort to get one, but if anyone has fished up here some advice would be great.

Thanks heaps guys in advance


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Hey Callum

Plenty of spots upp around Currimundi & Caloundra to fish !!

Check out the various reports under North Coast Fishing reports, there are a few that have been posted from AFO'ers including myself.

Pummicestone passage is a fun easy place, check out the little jetties just off golden beach, good for flatty, bream and a few other random species

The canals and creeks around Currimundi are pretty good, especially near the regatta centre, there is a spill way just off regatta drive near the over pass bridge, google map it and you will find it with satelite view

I have fished this place heaps, best jack a couple months ago 45cm, plenty other fish too, eastuary cod, bream, moses perch, jacks and even trev's on the change of tides i have seen 50cm trev's caught!!!

Live bait here is the best bait, have been smoked 1 too many times but great fun

Try even the small creeks / estuary's again look at google maps and look for land based spots, gernerally you will catch something

I'm heading up on Sat for a fish, good luck


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hi guys, having got back from work tonight thought id head down to the mouth of the carrumundi lake with a few prawns..

managed 5 whiting all undersize within the first hour,

as the tide started to run out i thought there would be some flathead lurking on the edges of the sand banks and so decided to throw an aray of different SP and the odd hard body but to no avail!!

can anyone tell me if the lake is worth fishing and if i should just persist or move on...



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