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Out done by the lil Bass Turd (Bailey's PB)


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we took the kids out to the river today for a sesh in the lil tin. we chucked some ebor's on their rods and off we set exploring the river, did not take long and Baileys rod screams off, a great battle effort by bailey and he lands a very solid 55cm bass on the tiny ebor in black and red. he was pumped and done the best he could to hold it for a pic. We started off again and bailey was on straight away with a nice bass in thee low 40s. Summer got in on the action with a lil bass and all so Brandon with an absolute monster hahaha, maichael managed to end the donut with a lil one as well. i managed a few rats until i thought i would out do my son but fell short with a 51cm bass :silly: doh not quite there haha bailey is still pumped and can not wait to head out again..




the bass is hanging over the measure device by a cm lol did go 55cm







[attachment:10]P5081397 (600x800).jpg[/attachment]

[attachment:11]P5081395 (800x600).jpg[/attachment]

[attachment:12]P5081400 (800x600).jpg[/attachment]




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Hahaha that's cool, there have been a couple reports this week and the little fella's are outfishing the AFO oldies, it's actually great to see !!!

Some monster Bass being caught lately too which is good to see before the season closes

Well done to the little ones and yourself mate !!!

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I agree little turd :lol::lol: but what a fish and isn't bailey a chip of the ol block congrate's mate great fish love the smile on all the kids big and small.
cheers mate, its the first word that came to mind when he boated it hahaha i guess i have to expect it to happen as i did it to my dad and still do lol he done well with me giving him crap about taking it too slow but could see why when he got it up :lol::lol:

cheers all for the kind words and comments, i think i have made a monster as he has just filled his tackle box with a heap of my lures from my box as he reckons i can not use them all :huh: ah well he will use them :silly: :silly:

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it was the biggest at the wrong end of the scale lol funny hungry lil bass


my bro got a tiny bass that size a few weeks ago ,it hit hard then nothing .he was like bugger i lost it and in come a tiny bass ,he was like wow the little bigger hit the lure as hard as a bigger one would .

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