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NPD 10/5/11 Dubbzy working hard.


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Went to NPD this morning with Matt who has just got his new boating permit so he could have a bit of a look around and see how I have set up my boat.

It was pretty coldish with a brisk westerly blowing but we just rugged up and set off to bait up the redclaw pots.

The wind was too strong to go to a couple of spots so we anchored up in the lee of the island to see if Matt could lose his bass virginity.

Only fish caught was this little tacker that I caught on my camostick.


Packed it in as nothing was doing and this is where Matt started to get busy.



Just have a look at the action hardest working deckie I have ever had.

Please note the heads were all kept and disposed of locally at home.


Thanks for the company. We will have to get back to check out a few other spots and hopefully get that big bass for you.



PS there still are permits available see the PRFMA website.


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This was my first freshwater experience in QLD and first in fresh water in over 10years, Thanks for a great day out Ray. To not know me from a bar of soap and take me out on the water and show me without reservation how you operate and where to and not to go on the dam is just amazing. Thankyou so much for your generosity

I have never seen so many Redclaw and to almost get my first bass was very exciting. Just lucky it was bin day for all those heads!

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