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victoria pt lakeside?


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Hi all.

Been down to victoria point a few times and eaten at toscani's, hogs breath etc and allways watched the fish at night around the lights there. Have seen plenty of big <2 foot+> carp in there as well as mullet jumping and eels and have often wondered as to the legalities of fishing in it.

I imagine its something that is frowned upon but I have seen some people fishing over the far side sometimes and am just wondering if the lake is part of eprapah creek and wether or not the shopping complex owners also own the lake? Has anybody ever tried it?

It is just very tempting knowing all those big fun feral species are in there waiting to be hooked and removed from the system..

Any thoughts?



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I heard fairly reliable report of 2 30ish bass from the lakes. Live shrimp would be worth a go.The bass probably washed out of Tingalpa, Albert/Logan or brisbane or pine. Only way for yellas would have had to have been from MSG as tey kark it when they hit the salt.



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