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Coomera Yak Sesh 25/06/11


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Hey all,

It's been awhile, but finally got to take the yak out... Plan was to head too budds beach, although a last minute decision was made, and i dropped the yak in at the Coomera Marina.

I started off by skipping a 65mm bloodworm wriggler on a tt hidden weight jighead amongst the many moored boats throughout the marina. It wasn't long before the wriggler got nailed on the drop, and up comes a 23.5cm fork lengh bream, great start. B)




After a few dud boats that didnt result in any touches... the plastic got hit again right up next to yak... This time a slightly better fish at 24.5cm FL. :)



The marina really slowed down after that, so a decision to make the quick peddle over to some mangrove lined banks was made, and i began to cast a Pontoon 21 Crackjack right up close to the mangroves... was a run-in tide for that day, so i new the later it got the better the sandy/mangrovy lined banks would fish... I managed 1 flatty around 40ish on the crackjack, a 1st on that lure, and was lucky too get it back... B):lol:


After a change of location again, i found myself casting in approx metre deep water... in some very muddy water... First cast into the spot nailed another flatty, and next cast, was on again, this one feeling much nicer. After a few short and sharp bursts, and playing the fish on a very light drag setting, i netted him, went about 50ish.. on 4lb leader...

The next couple hours were very quite, few good hits in some canals, including sightfishing to a bunch of bream under a catamaran... skipping the light weighted plastic in, and watching about 5 good bream fight over the plastic... hooked up for a few seconds, then dropped him... :pinch:

The last few hours got a few more flattys, undersize bream and another bream that was about 2mm off legal. Pretty sweet sesh, with a heap of action. :)



Two of the better sized flattys i kept for a feed. :)



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