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pine mountain


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so last friday i was out at pine mountain ,dirt road and bored as nothing to do all day .so i watched the creek and saw fish .

so we where back out there this friday ,i took 2 hand lines a shrimp pot and opera house pot .for a doughnut .

had meat in the pots and tried bread ,silver-side and sausage on the hand lines .

think the fish out there are spangled perch ,banded grunter or tilapia.think more so the first two as they look like they do not have the long fins ,but i am looking into the water 4 or so meters away .

they get real active late arvo as the bugs on the water kick in .

anyway the creek links on to water crest creek which goes to the Brisbane river ,going to have another try Monday since i'm put there ,will try worms and prawns as bait .

i even tried a live prey mantis as bait today ,at least today passed a lot quicker then the friday before did .

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