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Net outfishes Rod in the river


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Well, with a busy weekend ahead down the coast, it was another late decision made with Hai to hit a local spot for 2 hours. We decided to hit the usual haunted spot.

Got down there at 6.30pm and decided to cast for live bait. First cast .. BOOYAH! Nice dozen of kingsize prawns. Baited up rods and in they go.

Continued to cast net for livies and next few casts proved to hit the jackpot nailing approx 20 prawns. Then again, into the gold pot, pulled up another 20 or so. We were both stoked.

Out of the darkness, we hear a "Gday boys how are ya?" Turns out he was also a local by the name of Aaron. Aaron has never heard of AFO but was quickly excited to register and join! Mate, if you're reading this, nice to meet you.

Aaron showed me a pic of a 87cm jew that he caught there a few nights back on live bait. Aaron said he didnt know how to use a cast net and the previous trip, some other guy had given him some as they were left overs...

Aaron offered me smokes, or a beer, and also some money for some livies. I refused and ended up showing him how to use a cast net and got him about 50 prawns.

Anyway, Hai landed a baby jew again! :evil: 10 mins later he pulls up a catty. Well for me, had a few runs but then nothin.

Anyway, decided to cast net for a few more shrimp when i felt something tugging the castnet line.. i knew it was solid but not sure til it decided to give me a striptease.. i couldnt believe it!! A solid 37cm mullet!! Both with surprise, and in hope to land another, i quickly threw the cast net over board again and BOOOYAH!! i feel somethin tuggin again. thinking it was another mullet, i was completely surprised when it was a nice 48cm flatty!

well, not a dam fish on the rods, we decided to pack it in and head home.






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