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Fishing Trip to Musgrave (May Day 2010)


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I was looking through some old photos from a trip to Musgrave and thought I would share. We spent a week up there with two boats, and did nearly all our fishing from our anchor positions in the photos, the 35 - 40cm trevellay were pest fish, my mates missus caught the stonking coral trout on the last day. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

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One night my mate hooked up the big shark, we were calling it a lemon shark, the thing was huge. The thick schools of trev are near the diving patform, on a really windy day, no tour boat came round, so we snorkelled out to the platform from the beach, and took all the last of our bait that was about to go off, and dived down and let the bait go, the trevs just went crazy eating it straight out of your hand. Top place, if you get the chance to go, do it, I am going to have to plan a trip up real soon. If anyone is interested, let me know.

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