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Brisbane River 10/07/11 "The Chills"


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So to start at the begining I've been using a 2-4Kg outfit with 4lb finns for a while now and wanted to try something different for a bit of fun so I picked up one of "those Ebay rods" It's a Pelagic Hyper Vibe 1-2Kg and matched it up with a Sienna 1000 and some Ebay (sorry forget the brand name) 2lb fluro straight through, Man it's like hair!

Any way headed down the brissy to blood it launching around 4:30am

Seabreeze was on fire as usual expecting 15+ winds we arrived to glass but hey definatly not complaining! It took all of 5 minutes for the water police to pull us up apparentley we were to close to some navy ship even though we were easily 100 metres from it but all good.

It was cold OMG it was cold and when the sun just starting to show it droped 5 degrees easy! the action our lures were getting from the intense body shivering was awesome :woohoo:

Pino was first cab off the rank with a healthy Bream on a Ebay blade and not long after I hooked up to my first Bream on the new combo haha it was awesome fun on the light gear!

I lost a tonne of jij heads and wrigglers man that 2lb is unforgiving but not much else to report for the day.

Very happy with the light stuff and will deffinatly be upgrading to something better soon.

Oh and did I mention how bloodly cold it was :ohmy:


Cam :)



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Yeah Dan that's the one, it has pretty nice action but the reel seat is garbage and only time will tell how long the guides last but for around $50 inc postage not to bad.


Has anyone seen Paul from Ifish wearing Pelagic shirts? Is it the same mob?

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Nice one mate! Looks like a good session. Was it a copper on a little center console inflatable that pulled you up? Same thing happened to me, I had a bit of a chat to the guy and apparently the yanks are a bit paranoid about their toys :)

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