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LB Lizards @ Wynnum


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Having moved from Tingalpa to Wynnum West I have been working out my new nearest fishing area; Wynnum - Manly. I've been concentrating on SPs on the jetty sticking out at the end of Wynnum creek. I've had Pike on the left and a few smallish Flatties on the right, plus the occassional Whiting. Which side would YOU fish??? B)


Concentrating more on the tides I've been strolling and flicking along the boulevard to the T jetty and just beyond. This has gained me a few more Flatties.

Last Sunday was just about a perfect outing reminding me why I came to Oz; Just on dusk, coming onto high tide, water like glass, four dolphins appeared and herded up some lunch, then bam! 50cm+ Flatty, good fun on me 1-3kg gear!


This morning was meant to be outdoor painting, thank christ for the dodgey weather! Went down to the same spot just after high tide and was flicking around when a cheery bloke called Greg rocks up and offers some advice....He demonstrates how I should be doing it, I have become lazy over time and have been keeping me rod low and flicking downwards or sideways. He casts out and shows me the go, I take the rod back and 2 lifts and reel in and bam! I'm on to another (maybe the same :S ) 50cm+ Flatty!


No other action in the next hour.....Perhaps I should hire Greg to do the casting!!! :lol:

Tootle Pip!

PS 4" Nuke Chook minnows do all the work, nothing else gets a look in....

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Spooky! Tried them this morning, 4" minnow, tails snipped off but no hard hits, will try again tomorrow hopefully! Me jigheads are too big apparently, helps with me distance though as it's quite shallow off the boulevard, not much of a time window. Gonna get me some SX-40s but am a bit worried about losing such a pricey item on the many rocktopus and snagfish that seem to be in abundance down there! Gotta get some monster miki as well, plenty of dangly bits to snip off before having to change it out, eh? Disco prawns don't get as much interest as a punk prawn by the way!

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Hey Ant on a Surfboard, it ain't Flatties jumping on yer hook down there! I'm on a ratio of about 1 Flatty per 2hrs flicking!!! Better than working though, eh? PM me if yer going down that way and I'll see if I can join ya! Mainly 4-6pm weekdays and whenever I can get away on the weekends ;)

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