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Funny place to park a boat


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Went out Sunday 5am for a fish at Scarborough reef motoring out & looked over to see high & dry A half cabin smack bang on the reef low tide & went over and could see anyone but the Fibre glass boat was well & truely stuck, Im not sure if it hit the reef going out facing south or stay the night and the tide went out and hell no water?? I just started fishing, looks like they waited for high tide & bolted does aneone know what the story was, it looked like a nice boat 5 or 6metres. any way the fishing was pretty slow but brought home a few keepers and kepted the young boy happy. I'm not sure but what it with the reef there it has some tossers there and they seem to bug me no end everytime, happy fishing and a big cruiser motors around close enough to hear some alarm going off. Dropper the pick after running around the boat 2 times & pulls it ship about 50 metres up current, I was watching them drag the pick towards us let out about 5 metres of rope so it was no wonder well it out to stage that they were going to hook up my rope & didn't want this thing running over us I was thinking maybe they end up on the reef also let them know that if they haul up up pick rope because of his dopey ways I wouldn't be to happy, so they hauled up the pick proceeded to lap my boat & drop up 50 metrs away and drag the pick towards us again bloody hell mate let some more rope out after 3 time looking over my shoulder told them to piss off they made all the noise in the world and the bloody alarm going off all the time, well they took off & almost cleaned up a Yak when leaving I heard the Yak guy give him it him also, is it me or is it the area, anyway it was a nice day besides the tossers & the Pro bream guys were there & they were all good keapt out of everyone's way which was a change from the last time down at Yamba bloody hell those things motor along some of them were doing it stuff banging along in the choppy morning but they weren't catching much also like to see how they went anyway guys & girls enough of my rant


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