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Hot little session Keppel Islands


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We headed out yesterday arvo around 1300 from Roslyn Bay Marina, got to this island just south of Keppel before the bottom of the tide around 30 mins later, set our baits and started bringing a few grassies, and a couple of stripies aboard. My mate and I both hooked something very large, felt like a stingray that ran us around for a while before snapping us off on the reef. Next my mate got a little spaniard on his light 3 kg rod with 15lb gear. Something took a big chunk of it on the way up. He was let go then we headed to a different spot and started drifting.

Mark hooks something massive on his light gear, went for a few blistering runs then up comes a big barracuda, we got photos, then swam him a little and released him, awesome fish.



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