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The Pumkin Patch


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Friday we hit up the Pumkin Patch after the Palmy never fired early in the morning, the weather was perfect and the bar flat at currumbin ck. I had Eug and Shane with me to chase some macks and it was slow till we started to fish the bottom late in the morning.

The boys threw some slugs at the boils that were coming close to us and they landed 8 mack tuna releasing them and losing many more. They had fun but the mackerel were not around so we moved out to the Pumkin Patch

The first schoolie mack took the jig with blistering speed and took some wrangling to get in it was amazing not to be snipped off. The fish could be close to the b ottom so i suggested we send the pillies down with small sinkers which worked a treat.

The rods started to bend over and reels scream into life every now and again but only 1 other schoolie landed while a few got away. Shane hooked up to a great parrot off the bottom to add to the box before we decided to head for home.

The bar was flat on the way in again and we trucked home to fillet the macks




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cheers mark for the day out, was definitely good to see the fight on the bait jig rod which set the precedent for the remaining hook ups. also good to get some tips on the sinker method. such a nice day to be on the water not even phased with the snip off.

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