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Up that well-known creek with a paddle


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It was such a nice day yesterday that we had to take the kayak out to chase some whiting and for me to field test a crab net of my own design that wasn't a pain in the ass to carry in a yak like the standard round pots. Somebody told me the blue swimmers are at Manly/Lota so that's where we went. Didn't encounter a single blue swimmer (isn't that always the way!) but caught and released several undersized muddies, which kinda proved that the net is not a complete dud. One of the muddies caught near a stormwater drain had a small body but massive claws, reckon somebody must be flushing Musashi down their toilet.

The rest of the time was simply kicking back with a cold drink and the rods in their holders waiting for the fish to bite.


The action wasn't exactly fast and furious but it was steady and the average size was decent. We ended up with about 12 keepers, with the biggest around the 30cm mark.


The highlight of the session was getting a 40cm flounder. We're used to catching them at half that size or less, with the occasional 25-30cm specimen, so this one's definitely a whopper.


Tasted pretty good baked in the oven with herb butter sauce.

All in all, a very relaxing session. It's good sometimes to just soak a bait and not have to worry about jighead sizes, colours, shapes and SP v popper v HB. :)

PS. Can anyone tell me if blue swimmer season is over in SE Qld? Thanks!

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