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Campbell Newman opening up Moreton Bay ?

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Maybe what you heard was this:

Fishing in green zones may be allowed under the LNP Government.

A last minute announcement before the polls on Saturday by Campbell-Newman and supported by Cleveland MP Mark Robinson raised recreation fishers hopes that they may be able to to enter the Moreton Bay Green Zones.

However, it the statements were on an important provisor: that scientific evidence had to show that the damage done would be insignificant.

“We would be looking at the scientific basis behind excluding and locking out recreational fishermen [in green zones], when there does not appear to be any sound evidence that recreational fishermen are causing significant environmental harm or that recreational fishermen are damaging sustainability,†said Mark Robinson.

“If we find that there is no significant environmental harm or significant impact on fish sustainability, the question is why would we continue to lock people out of an area if there’s no evidence that they’re causing harm?â€

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