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Redland bay shark trip


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G'Day guys.

On friday 25th August im going to hit the bay for some sharks , from late afternoon till the next day .

I will be fishing from dead low to a 10:20pm high tide and back out to a low the next day.

Land based and will use my boat to take out the bait , but all bait must be out befor night fall .


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I will be vicky pt way on one of the many small beaches there, at night time look out for glow sticks on the lines.

just dont run over the lines with the boat, as it it will be low tide it will be will be less then 1m so i think in you boat Brian , you would get stuck

it is first time i will be trying out this spot , so yeh i cant say if it is lucky or not.

So new waters , dont know if you keen or , maybe see how i go first ?

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Dont want to steer of topic but People diss vicky pt as a shark spot, but ive fisher there heaps and talked to alot of the locals and my god they have some stories to tell of shark captures. Also marrek do you use squid as shark bait? cause if you do theres plenty around.

I got another spot worth trying is got thig groin you can fish off plus this deep bay. Unfortunatly i dont know the address, but its around to the right of the jetty at vicky point. i will try and update you with the details Street names etc etc. i dont know how much help this would be but theres the massive park near thompsons beach and theres a bike track that follows around between the housing estate and the mangroves if youwalk along there you will see it.


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Hey mate.

Diss vicky point all you like , I dont care at all i got to say it's not that good of a fishing spot , but i have had some good luck there in the past .

I have got a spotted Mackerel from the rocks there about 70cm long one night , A nice Tailor well over Legal size as well.

A number of good bream, stingrays, reef sharks , a 5ft shovelnose shark/ray and more .

I have photos of the mackerel and tailor on my old camera phone as i was byself that night,

Where im going i was also spooled in February this year, it's not the first time im fishing this beach , but first time trying to get a shark not just fish like the last trips.


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