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Manly jetty 16th august

Tim a

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Hello everyone

As today was a public holiday it was decided to go for a fish and as manly has been firing of late I decided to go there. We also had to meet up with this guy from the solomon islands who is abnormally good at soccer.

Me n my mate robbo got our first baits(sp in my case) in the water at 9:50 and straigt away I got a good hit on my 3\" pink lemonade. After a short fight the fish was lost. Good but bad start to the day. After this the others arrived and i got destracted for awhile. So after they were set up and fishing I was back to \"the spot\" casting but nothing wanted to play so I had a go with bait.

First time using normal bait for a long time. first cast with prawns and in came the first fish, a very small bream. Cast after cast came in small bream of about 15-20 cm and a few small fingermarks. I then realised why I stopped bait as it was so boring and went on to try to get some surface action with a popper. I was hopping for some tailor and was using a rex hunt popper.

This popper is fantastic value! $5 and it had 2 quality trebles, looked super and has an excellent splash/sound. For some reason I was chasing tailor... and using 6 pound leader? Silly me coz after 5 casts on came a massive hit and bit me off. I'm thinking judging by the size of the splash that it wasn't just a chopper tailor but maybe one with more size or some other toothie critter. On with the second popper... with 10 pound vanish but this popper was smaller and didn't look quite as good as the other one. After about 20 casts in the bay I turned into the marina area for some bream on popper but nothing.

I then put on a 2\" power minnow and casted it underneath the kiosk... BANG! Really good hit and after a short tussle out came a 25 cm bream. My pb bream on sp todate. I was quite happy with this but no more fish wanted to play with my sp.

We then headed to the rock wall to have a look around but after a few mins it was decided to go back to the jetty to escape the wind. I was using a small ugly duckling hardbody from bcf for $5. It has a very good water action and there was a big school of smallish bream attacking it everycastbut i figured why it was so cheap... the hooks were crap! I basicly couldn't hook my self with those hooks. They then scattered when this little baby decided to have a scream in the kiosk.

That was my day haha and another prolonged post with out very many fish.


25cm bream on 2\" powerminnow [img size=423]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/Bream_25_cm__Manly.JPG

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