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pine river outing


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We put in at the boat ramp just behind the shopping center at strathpine, had a good paddle against the current down to where the creek came out just past the pine bridge. We explored the little estuary near the mouth with no luck,I was hoping to catch a flathead at least, but no luck. Had a go drift all the way back to the boat ramp flicking SP's.

Good spot , enjoyable couple of hours...




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Keep persisting there mate, you will eventually pull a few flatties! I know flathead aren't meant to be leader shy but I have been doing a lot better of late using 6lb leader or below. Even used 2lb the other day when the bite was tough and pulled a couple in straight away. The pine is pretty heavily fished so it makes sense I guess having light leader and perfectly rigged plastics.

Good luck for next time!

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