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Sharking bycatch in the Logan


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Headed to the Logan on Boxing Day for a sharking session with a mate. We launched the kayaks and tried a few spots. Had a hook up but it bust my mate off. Tried another spot and it payed off with a nice little bully landed using a live mullet.


Then it was my turn. With a legal sized whiting on I had a few bends of the rod tip so I opened the bail arm and let it run a bit, flicked the bail arm back over and tightened up the drag and just lifted the rod tip and let the circle hook do it's job. I naturally though it was a shark as it was putting up a decent fight but when it jumped I was shocked. It was a decent sized tailor! 60cm in fact. A few nervous moments with the net and it was safely landed.



A few pics later and we tried to release the big girl but for some reason she had just given up the ghost. After about 5 minutes of trying to swim her I agonisingly slit her throat and bled her out. She was hickory smoked and eaten last night.

We even saw a few sharks way up in the shallows with their tails and dorsal fins out of the water. We caught a couple of flathead on SP's throughout the day also.

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