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Saratoga First Cast


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I have been keeping an eye on a group of lilies and telling myself I must have a cast in there next time I go fishing to see if a toga lives there. So this morning I put a firetiger single tail grub on a small chatterbait and cast it in amongst the lilies, 2 winds of the reel and a mongrel snag, buggar it, wait a minute, this snag is alive, and next thing this beautiful 75cm togar is doing micky flips all over the place.

Moving on down the dam trolling the next thing I run into is a nice 50cm yella, and on the way back up the dam I managed a 53cm yella in the same spot.

Bass were on the chew as well taking trolled hardbodies, jigged tailspinners and blades, got up to 46 before the wind chased me home around 10am. I have had a gutfull of the wind. Also had a gutfull of the lowlife scum that took another 3 of my homemade shrimp pots and one of Lukes as well ,I have put a curse on them anyway to bring them heaps of bad luck. Pic 5 is a baitfish school. Forgot to mention I got a treble hook in past the barb for the second time in a week, both times I tried to press the point through, but I must be a tough old bastard as it wouldnt go, so I did what I did last time and grabbed the pliers and ripped it out, must of hit a blood line as blood spurted everywhere, scared me shitless, so I stuck my hand in the water and it soon stopped thank heaven.












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