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Few Days At Leslie Dam.


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Went to Leslie dam on last Friday accompanied by Rick and Joy in their van and Graham in his van whilst I slummed it in my tent.
We stayed at the Washpool reserve which is a great place to stay.
$12 per person per night plus $4 connection fee for power and $1 per night per site for power. Honesty box to pay and cleaner visits every day to clean toilets etc.
Toilets and showers are modern and kept in pristine condition by the cleaner,
We found the fishing a bit hard with 20k wind most days so we could not fish the main basin and had to concentrate to sheltered waters.
We caught all our fish in around 10 to 12 feet of water in front of granite outcrops upstream of the blackboys.
Plenty of shrimp in 8 feet of water just in front of park
Total catch was around 20 legal yellas. one under yella.3 silvers with the largest around 30 and 3 tandans,
So we had a couple of fish meals and a couple went into ricks freezer for a meal at home.
Spent Wednesday in Warwick as it was too windy to fish and enjoyed just walking around town looking at all the heritage buildings and had a great meal of roast pork for $9 at the Criterion Hotel which is a lovely old hotel complete with pressed tin ceilings and cedar staircase and tiled floors. Well worth the visit just to look around inside.
Graham did not have a good trip as it was too rough for him to go out in the boat and to top it off on Wednesday night he had a fall and split is forehead,put his teeth tough his lip,dislocated his finger and what looks like cracked ribs.
Silly bugger flatly refused for us to call the ambulance so yesterday morning we left a day early having to pack our gear plus his van with Joy driving ricks van and Rick having to drive Grahams van.
Reckon we will return possibly when the dam has a bit more water as it is only at 35% capacity.

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