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Chinese Food!fish Head With Chopped Pepper- Duojiaoyutou

sunshine lure

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I've eaten carp before out at St George when I was fruit-picking as a Uni student (someone else caught it and cooked it, then offered us a taste) and it wasn't too bad. I think sometimes we let the reputation or even appearance of a fish dictate how we think it will taste.

Looks delicious and right up my alley. I love fish heads and turned some snapper heads into a laksa type curry late last year which was delicious.  So much so that when I went fishing with Mark/Tugger, I happily took home the snapper/squire and pearl perch heads to eat.

@sunshine lure would you mind explaining how you've cooked it/what's in it?  Cheers and welcome to the site.

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On 2016/3/23 at 6:07 AM, samsteele115 said:

Looks like a nice dish. I don't know about carp though!

of course not,I am so happy you guys love it. Here is my recipe. Hope you will enjoy it.

I am so happy you guys love it. Here is my recipe. Hope you will enjoy it.

Main ingredients: 1 piece of carp/silver cap head (1kg), chopped pepper.

Seasonings: 2g salt, 3.5g monosodium glutamate, 1g of sugar, 35g hot sauce, 60g salad oil, 10g red oil, 10g ginger, 8g onion.


Production steps:

1.      Wash the fish head clean and cut it into two halves, fish head back connected, chop pepper, chop green onions, mince ginger, and finely chop half garlic. 

2.      Then put the fish head in the bowl, then coated with oil.

3.      Chopped pepper, ginger, salt, black beans, cooking wine sprinkled on the fish head.

4.      Add water in the pot, after water boiling, put the bowl even with the fish head into the pot, steam until well cooked (about 10 minutes).

5.      Spread chopped garlic and Onions minces on the head, then steam it for a minute. 


6.      Remove the bowl from the pot, then wok on the fire, put the oil till fry well hot, scoop up oil and pour on the fish head.

7.      Serve.



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