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Marine Rescue Options


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Hey guys,  with the delivery of my new boat scheduled for the end of this week (fingers crossed) I have been looking at joining either VMR Bribie or the Redcliffe coastguard.  I have been a member of the Caloundra Coastguard with my previous boat but am looking to fish the bay and head over to moreton island more often in the new boat so have decided to join further south.  Both are the same price to join.  I cant get much info online from the coastguard but VMR Bribie has the following included in the membership

Members of VMR Bribie Island enjoy many benefits including:

  • Breakdown assistance to the value of $500 per annum (for members with rescue coverage).

  • Full membership and vessel details recorded in our database.

  • Access to first aid, radio and navigation courses as well as a number of safety and boating information sessions held throughout the year.

  • Regular social events including our monthly Sunset Drinks on the last Friday of each month at the base.

  • Quarterly Bay Watch magazine.

  • Reimbursement of up to $100 per year for tows undertaken by other VMR/Coastguard units on presentation of a receipt (for members with rescue coverage).

  • Overnight/Weekend secure car and trailer parking at the base.

At the moment im swinging more towards VMR, but would like input from members who have joined or looked at joining either Bribie or Redcliffe. 

I have never logged on before even when fishing the bay, but it something that I want to start doing regularly, especially when heading over to moreton.  Do others on here who fish the bay log on?


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I'll watch this thread with interest I'm looking to doing something similar. 

I was was hoping you could join VMR or coast guard for a flat yearly fee. It looks like you have to join each area you fish. For me I fish cape Moreton, seaway, maloolabah, Hervey Bay and would require 4 seperate memberships or pick the one in the most used area and take the $100 discount if need a tow in other areas. Trouble is I would fish mainly north Moreton bay but plenty of other boat do to give me hand if I got into trouble. It Maybe better to join Hervey Bay where not as many boats around to help out. Decisions, decisions.

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I was doing the same think this week. Deciding which one I should join.

I came up with coast guard over VMR. maily because of the following two points.

Coast Guard are staffed 7 days a week and 24/7 on weekends.

The marine assist for breakdowns was $70 and covers you for any coastguard team anywhere in QLD.

That was enough for me. Joining Coast Guards Redcliffe tomorrow.

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Update - Joined the coast guard marine assist today for $70. Attached are all the other coast guards that cover you for your membership. If you are in an area that's not the one you joined In and require assistance. Apparently you just need to advise with one your a member of and its all covered. They then hit up the coast guard your actually a member of for the cost of the fuel they spend helping you.


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