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Surprise Catch


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Haven't done a report in quite a while but I will never forget this sesh..was up at bribie friday nite and was at the pub with a mate watching footy etc..after quite a few beers left around 11pm and went back to the apartment..for a laugh grabbed my 6lb set up with a zman grub in Amber headed down to a rock wall as the tide started to run out...after 15-20mins without a touch I wondered if lures work well at night..next cast down close to the rock wall I got smashed and line was peeling, dodging the rocks I got it out and landed a PB Jack! on 30 cm but an upgrade lol..couple of pics and put it back..pretty pumped up I kept fishin and not long after was on again and landed a nice flathead..released him and not long after again got smashed again and landed another smaller jack..couldn't believe my luck..best 1.5hrs sesh I could ever have..

Bribie jack.jpg

Bribie jack 2.jpg


Bribie jack 3.jpg

Bribie jack 4.jpg

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