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Changes To Sip From 1/7/16


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Got this from Ausfish site. I was at a Stocking group meeting last night and this was not mentioned.  I think that the cost increase will be outweighed by the benefits.




Changes to the Stocked Impoundment Permit Scheme

Queensland’s successful Stocked Impoundment Permit Scheme (SIPS) is expanding to ensure enhanced freshwater fishing for future generations.
Fisheries Queensland Manager, Implementation Tony Ham said changes to the Scheme would commence on 1 July 2016.
“Up to an additional 31 dams and weirs are being added to the Scheme, taking the total number of prescribed stocked impoundments for recreational freshwater fishing across the state to 63,” Mr Ham said.
“All fishers aged over 18 years wanting to fish in a prescribed stocked impoundment are required to buy a permit.
“Around $1 million per year is currently generated from the sale of SIPS permits with at least 75 per cent of the revenue generated used to stock the waterways with native fish fingerlings.”
Fish stocking groups will also be able to apply for permission to use a portion of their allocated funds for projects such as monitoring, research or improved facilities that enhance recreational fishing at a SIPS impoundment.
Mr Ham said recreational fishers, local fish stocking groups and regional communities will all benefit from the changes.
“The expansion of the SIPS will provide increased recreational fishing opportunities to regional communities through the provision of world class freshwater fishing,” he said.
Mr Ham said from 1 July, the SIPS permits become digital making it fast, easy and convenient for anglers.
“Digital permits for freshwater fishing will arrive by email or text message and are less likely to be damaged or lost compared to the old paper permits.
“When fishers are asked to produce their permit, they will simply be able to display it on their phone.”
Australia Post will manage the sale of permits which can be purchased online, at any Australia Post outlet or sub-agent in Queensland and from limited locations in northern New South Wales or over the phone.
An annual permit will cost $50, $36 for an annual concession permit and a weekly permit is $10.
Permit fees have been fixed for the next five years.
Fishers who hold an existing paper-based permit can continue to use it for freshwater fishing until the expiry date.
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Just renewed mine online for $41, and could still include my spouse for free, so I did.

Her name is on the permit, so they will have to honour it  (not that she ever fishes anyway, but it means peace of mind for me when she is in the boat and I am fishing with multiple rods, dont have to worry about fisheries showing up and being overzealous.)

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