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Almost 100 Bass Jigging


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Had another awesome day out at the dam with plenty of big fat mummies coming aboard.  Started off trolling up the dam picking up the odd bass here and there, however no schools were showing up on the sounder.  After finding them yesterday we were pretty keen on putting in some time to finding them today, so we sounded around each point looking for fish.  After about an hour of searching we came across the mother load and hooked up to a solid bass each drop.  Most of the time were getting hit on the drop which was great.  Micro jigs were definitely the stand out however after around 50 bass they began to shut down so we threw around different lures.  Caught some on small soft samaki vibes as well as ice jigs getting the odd one here and there.  After around 65 bass we left the school and continued trolling around searching for fish.  

On our way across the dam we spotted a few in the middle, and we managed a few from there before they moved off chasing the bait balls.  After a big long loop we decided to head back to some of the coves where we had found the school earlier.  Had a quick look at the spot that we'd just been fishing but they were nowhere to be seen and we decided to head off home.  But on our way back we spotted a couple on the sounder so threw over a few micro jigs, and before we knew it the sounder was lit up again and we had a double hook up.  The numbers quickly rose and after catching 93 bass and 4 forkies the wind became unbearable and we headed back in.   What a weekend!  A yella trolling was also an added bonus!  I have a few videos of us catching them on micro jigs that I might put up if anyone is keen to see.  Only short videos from the iPhone but gives a bit of an idea of how many there were.  Anyway I can't type much more as my fingers are almost bleeding and it's hurting to move my wrists now :P.  This was a nice little warm up for SEQ suburbs of origin next week.  Can't be letting those dirty southsiders win :sick: 










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7 hours ago, ellicat said:

They need to be "mp4" format, James.

Let me know if you need a hand.  (Even after that Southsider comment)

Hahaha.  I'll try again this afternoon and let you know if I can't work it out.  


Thanks @Binder.  We were one of the last people to leave and heard the victorious cheer that over 2000 bass had been caught.  Pretty amazing!

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