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!000 Size Reel Recommendations


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1 hour ago, lurez said:

What does 1000 size mean? And 2500?

@lurez  Literally the size. Different brands use different sizings though. Just like s m l xl... 1000 is small, 2500 bigger 4000 5000 8000 so on. 

With increased size comes greater line capacity and drag capacity etc but also weight. 1000 size reels are awesome fun for targeting fish on finesse gear.

@fifis101 while I agree somewhat i think there is still quality of build and components that comes with $. My little Stella 1000 has caught fish a 1000 sized reel just should not. More metal stainless and alloy parts etc (rather than plastic) means after 8 years it is still doing it as well :)


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On 21/01/2017 at 8:39 AM, fifis101 said:

I can't see the sense in spending big money on a tiny reel that doesn't need much drag. The main focus would be how well it casts. 

Personally I find it makes a difference when you are casting all day and depending on your rod. If you have an ultra light rod, having a 2500 can start to feel comparatively cumbersome after 4 hours of non-stop casting and finesse fishing techniques. Example - throwing topwater nonstop, if your rod naturally has a high tip balance, it's a bit more of a pain working small topwater if you have to keep fighting your rod tip to stay down.

Big money spending? Sometimes, you hook onto a beast and you want to know your reel can handle it. Sometimes, you're an idiot and you want to push the boundaries of what a 1000 can do.... a higher end 1000 will deal with the punishment much better than a cheaper one. I don't think a symetre would have lived for as long as my stella has under the same conditions. My Certate certainly is showing its age and I don't even use it that much.

1000 Shimano = 2000 daiwa.... pretty much the same sizing.

Difference between Daiwa and Shimano - it'll come down to personal taste and experience. I've had an average run with Daiwas and will choose Shimano everytime now...... I've said that before and ended up buying a Daiwa .... but I mean it this time :)



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