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Kingfish Round 3: Monday 6th


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Well last session to round out the trip. 

My hopes were for dad to get one on his new combo and blood it in style. Early on in the session I had a plastic snipped clean off (possibky a mackerel) and landed the smallest rat of the trip at 30cm.

Just after releasing this I looked over my shoulder to see dad heavily loaded up on what appeared to be a good fish. Good news was his new combo (venom 15-50lb and stella 6k) where handling it like a dream. 

After some short brutal runs the battle was over. I tailed the fish and it was picture time. Still not a beast but at 73cm the biggest for the weekend. 


Also took the wee man down to Deadmans Beach for a swim. Pretty spoiled when you can say your first swim was in this location.


Awesome weekend spending a tonne of time with dad and my son alike. Here is a montage of the better fish of the weekend.


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