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Hinze Redemption.


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Well kind of.

After yesterdays stuff up Jason and I went to the western arm this morning and my first 2 never fail spots failed as did the next 3 before we started to boat a few fish. The final spot produced some good fish with Jason upping his PB bass to 47.5 and a good yella around 48cm.

We both had plenty of knot tieing practice getting bricked in the snag but that was where the fish were so we just had to put up with it if we wanted to catch fish.

Fairly mediocre score of 15 bass,3 yellas and I remain the tandan king.



DSCN0816 (640x480).jpg





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Thanks so much for a fantastic day Ray. The fun in the snag was absolutely sensational! 

Your generosity is inspirational. You freely share your knowledge, offer deckie spots often on here and never fail in delivering a fantastic day. 

If there's ever anything I can do for you, please just let me know. 


Note to all other forum readers:

The head sock is for sun protection, not for anonymity. I forget I'm wearing it and when I see pics later, and I'm wearing it,  I do give myself an uppercut! :D

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