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Disaster Prevented At Hinze 19/2/17


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Arrived at Eastern arm at 5.30am with Jason.

Took me till 11.30 before I caught this fine specimen.58a93cb67c0ce_DSCN0833(640x480).jpg.2c685ffa569cddb6ee2b134e6a30a634.jpg

Would have been all of 28cm.

In the meantime some other nameless decky had boated 18bass.


Said he could swim and as he is bigger than me I couldnt toss him overboard.:no:

I was fortunate enought o catch the largest tandan of the day ( Also the only tandan)


I did manage to catch another 5 bass against Jasons 28 bass. A lot of the bass were under with probably only 8 of them being legal

The barred grunter were very thick we ended up with 14 in the bottom of the boat.






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