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Well it seem`s an eternity since Grand Final 2016


The 2017 NRL Telstra Premiership  kicks off next  Thursday (3rd March) Broadcast live Ch 9.  Sharks v Broncos at Southern Cross Group Stadium (Shark Park??)



2017 Draw  http://www.triplem.com.au/sydney/sport/nrl/news/2016/11/nrl-2017-draw-fixtures-schedule/


·                     A representative round from May 5-7 which will include a men's and women's Test and the final Country v City match at Mudgee

·                     State of Origin matches on May 31 and 12 July (in Brisbane) and June 21 (Sydney)

·                     A reduction in the number of five-day turnarounds - from 31 to 19

·                     Matches being held in every mainland state with the Roosters taking a match to Adelaide for the first time when they play the Storm in Round 16

·                     The Premiership Finals Series begin on September 8 and culminate in the Grand Final on October 1.

The Rugby League World Cup will be held from October 26 to December 2.

The 2017 Telstra Premiership schedule can be found at www.nrl.com..........


Just to get Kelvin prepped for the season, here`s one for him


Three rugby league fans were walking back from the ground when one noticed a foot sticking out of the bushes by the side of the road.
They stopped and discovered a nude female unconscious and near death so one of them phoned the police and also requested an ambulance.

Out of respect and propriety, the first Broncos fan took off his cap and placed it over one of the female's breasts.
The second Broncos fan took off  his cap and placed it over her other breast.
Following their lead, but with great reluctance, the Sea Eagles fan took off his cap and placed it over her lower region

The police arrived first and an officer began to conduct his investigation.
He lifted up the first Broncos cap, replaced it and made an entry in his notebook.
He lifted the second Broncos cap and replaced it; making more notes in his book.


Then the officer lifted the Sea Eagles cap, replaced it, lifted it again, replaced it, lifted it a third time and replaced it one last time - shaking his head in disbelief.

The Broncos fan was extremely annoyed and challenged him, "What are you, a pervert or something mate?
Why do you keep lifting and looking, lifting and looking?"
"Well," said the officer, "I'm a little surprised and confused. 
Normally, when you look under a Manly cap... you'll find an a$$hole."

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Storm 12 v Dogs 6   

too wet to get a grasp of that game. but the dogs didn`t take any advantages given (one way or the other)

Tigers 34 v Bunnies 18 

Inglis knee injury, Hymel Hunt off early concussion.

Inglis injured in 8-10 min played on 1 leg into 2nd half. ACL injury, scans today show he will be out up to 6 months.

Who is showing up to be next in line for a Qld centre spot?

Neither Burgess must be up for contract renewal this year

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Such a shame to see a player like Inglis who dominated for so long now having a constant struggle with injury. Queensland will miss him in SOO. 

Before the rain started, Melbourne was towelling up the doggies despite the usual trash thrown in by Reynolds, Klemmer and others. A few punches and sin bins caused Blocker Roach to observe "I blame you for all of this Paul Gallen - one little punch in Origin......" 

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Cowboys 20 v Raiders 16

This game was 16/16 at full time. Cowboys won it in extra time with a golden try, actually it was more assy than golden, Thurston went for field goal, ball hit crossbar bounced in the Raiders in goal and a Cowboy touched down.

Roosters 32 v Titans 18

Game of 2 halves. Roosters led 28 -0 at half time. Titans came out and laid on 18 points in the 2nd half and Roosters got a try with 2 mins to full time. Both coaches will be wondering WTF

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and to wind up round 1

Warriors 26 v Knights 22

Warriors had Issac Luke injured early in the game followed by Ryan Hoffman later on. Kearney could consider the Warriors fortunate to get away with the win. Brown could consider the Knights unfortunate not to go on with their 22-20 lead with 10 mins to go, after trailing 20-8 at half time.

Eels 20 v Manly 12.

Great game. Both sets of forwards gave it their all for 80 mins. Eels forwards laid the platform, Corey Norman would have been the best on the field. If Norman stays major injury free and in form the vEels are going far this season, without salary cap dramas.

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Titans 26 v Knights 34

it took the Knights the whole 2nd half to win, against a Titans outfit that played the full 2nd half with a one man bench. The Titans will not lose any fans by being over run in the final 8-10 minutes of the game.

Manly 18 v Bunnies 38

Once again it shows that Adam Reynolds is more of the key to Souths than Greg Inglis

Sharks 42 v Raiders 16

The Raiders were lucky to get 16

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end of round 2

Tigers 2 v Panthers 36

What can one say... with out a converted penalty goal Tigers 0....

Dragons 16 v Eels 34

that score clearly shows how badly the Panthers played last week and next round may not be good for the Dragons either?

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The sooner the NRL looks at the neck and head grappling, that`s used as major tackling tactic by some, and class it as 'attacking the head' of an opposing player, the better for the game. There was a lot of animosity built up with the Qlders of one side against Qlders of the other side last night, said a lot about winning at all costs.

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12 hours ago, Gad said:

Storm 14  v  Broncos 12

would have been a great game, only for the penalties

It was some of the worst refereeing I have seen for a long time. Bad calls for both teams, no consistency in controlling the ruck, parallax errors when ruling on forward passes. The list is endless. 

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4 hours ago, Old Scaley said:

It was some of the worst refereeing I have seen for a long time. Bad calls for both teams, no consistency in controlling the ruck, parallax errors when ruling on forward passes. The list is endless. 

My neutral eye agrees. Atrocious reffing. It was as much about the penalties not blown as it was about the dud ones that were.

In the end I think the Storm deserved the slim. They were able to dominate possession and prevent the Broncos attack from making hay.

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Agree fellas, cracking match though. Being a fishing forum, as much as I love my league, I rarely sit with my eyes glued to the screen and instead surf the forum while half watching unless something interesting is happening. Last night I watched the whole second half with no computer on my lap :)

They definitely need to crack down on the rubbish in the ruck. And as much as I'm a huge Billy Slater fan, is it just me or was he a law unto himself last night. Every time a player dared touch him he'd lash out at them, and how they just let him rough Boyd up and put his hands all over his head when he was trying to play the ball was blatantly cr@p!!!! Was the most 'anti-Storm' I've ever been last night!!  Got me fired up :)  Just made it worse that I'd tipped my team :no: Obviously we were very gallant in defeat and defence however our halves still need to work on consistently controlling a football game and putting teams under pressure. Hopefully having Benji breathing down their necks will get the best out of them CONSISTENTLY ....

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Dogs 24  v  Warriors 12

Could Foran, even playing at his best get something out of a Warriors side :no:

Titans 26  v  Eels 14

I know Corey Norman has been a god send for the Eels, but even his absence can`t explain the crap the Eels produced tonight and that`s not taking anything away from a great Titans win

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Bunnies 24  v  Knights 18

The Knights were more impressive in their loss than the Bunnies with their win.

Roosters 14  v  Panthers 12

I can`t see any Panthers getting fitted for a GF ring this year

Manly 28  v  Cowboys 8

Beat a side with or without their top players and it`s still a win.

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On 17/03/2017 at 10:25 PM, Gad said:

me too, and now the Doggies are in the winners circle the Doggies board should announce Dessie`s new contract extention :lol:

Hahaha, I'm a doggies fan and frequent The Kennel, I can assure you, that bunch of nut bags won't campaign to re-sign Des until they're holding that premiership. Biggest bunch of sad sack over-reactionists around. Dogs beat a very, VERY average warriors side. Good to get the points but wasn't particularly inspiring. 

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Tigers sack Jason Taylor effective immediately

JASON Taylor has been sacked by Wests Tigers effective immediately, the club revealed in a statement today.

Tigers chairwoman Marina Go said the decision had not been easy.

“On behalf of everyone at Wests Tigers I’d like to thank Jason for his commitment and contribution to the club during his time as head coach,” she said.

Full story:  http://www.news.com.au/sport/nrl/wests-tigers/wests-tigers-to-sack-coach-jason-taylor-following-loss-to-raiders/news-story/b2032d55bd7487bcb578ccf3f11100cd

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