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Oakley Replacement Lenses


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Hey all,

Just thought a recent experience of mine was worth sharing.

I have a pair of Oakleys specifically for fishing. The struggle is real as an Asian to find well fitting sunnies that suit the features and contours of our faces. Luckily for us, Oakley have been making Asian/alternate fit models of their sunglasses for years now. The model I specifically have are Oakley Pitbull Asian fits. I bought these years ago and unfortunately the lenses have started to pit on the inside. It's not causing any problems when being worn atm but they are gradually getting worse. You can see in the below pics.





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Warning - boring story about my experience with great customer service below. Skip to next post for pics of lenses.

And so began the search to replace my lenses. I quickly found that my sunglasses were out of production and I couldn't easily find replacement OEM lenses. I didn't like my chances of emailing Oakley AU since I didn't even buy these here. I bought them in Jakarta International Airport on a work trip.

Checking on line there weren't many companies that had matching lenses. There are a few that do Oakley replacements, just not for my lens frames.

After doing a bit of online searching on reviews I settled with trying out Revant Optics replacement lenses. I noted they had a 100% replacement guarantee but didn't pay much attention since these came from the US and they didn't have an AU presence. I picked the Elite Tioga Orange because I'm usually an early morning fisherman so any advantage over sunrise and lowlight suits my usual fishing. Lenses were $49USD and shipping was $9USD.

Order confirmation, Shipping Tracking details and 4 days later the lenses arrive at my work. I tested them out on my day trip to the Blakesly weekend and thought "great lenses - great optics, SUPER bright but man... the polarisation sucks.. not even existent". I got home that arvo and checked my order and the details of the lenses. Quickly realised I'm an idiot. I made an assumption that all of their Elite series lenses are polarised... they are not. I picked one of the lenses that aren't polarised.

I jumped on line and emailed their customer service admitting I'm an idiot and asking what was possible with swapping my lenses to polarised ones.

Tyler from Revant got back to me that night (obviously US day time) and let me know it was no problems to replace the lenses. Here's where their service blew me away.

First offer I had a choice of return the lens for a swap and they would cover the cost of the return shipping for me! OR he could offer me a discount and free shipping if I decided to keep the lenses and buy new ones more suitable. Pretty awesome.

I chose to do the swap since I knew that I just wouldn't use the non-polarised lenses.

Now - this is not something I suspect they wouldn't do as standard and I didn't ask for anything - but he told he me would make an exception for me and let me keep my lenses and just shipped me the replacements I had chosen - free of charge. I was pretty amazed and thought they've just bought themselves a customer for life.

The new lenses arrived yesterday and below are pics.



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Here's the gear shot.

The little box that holds the lenses come in the larger cardboard boxes so they are safe for their trip over the Pacific and through the hands of AusPost. The also come with a soft cleaning bag for your sunnies.

The lenses on the sunnies there are the Tioga Oranges that I accidentally ordered. The Iridium Reds below are the OEM Oakleys and the Elite Rogue Greens on the right are my new Polarised ones.


Here's a close up of the Tioga Oranges on the sunnies.


Here's one of the Rogue Greens.



And here are the lenses side by side



The fit is perfect into the frames and super easy to do. There are provided YouTube clips on how to replace any of the lenses that they supply.

I haven't yet tested these on the water (only got them yesterday) but I'll post back here on how they perform.

So anyway - long story short, I had a great customer experience with Revant Optics on their replacement Oakley lenses. They fit great and first impressions are positive. Just need to test them out and about this weekend and see how they go. Not sure if I'll get to hit water this weekend but will share when I do.

I in no way have any affiliation with Revant Optics and am just sharing my experience for anyone who was in need of new lenses for their damaged Oakleys or if you were just in the market to consider difference coloured lenses. They also do RayBans and other frames too so worth having a look.



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37 minutes ago, fifis101 said:

There's nothing better than receiving above and beyond service from a company. I recently got went through a very similar circumstance with Quantum (Jarvis Walker in Aus) about a reel. 

I think its awesome when it happens. I have a generally low expectation when I seek customer service so I am always impressed when I get any kind of response or help. This one just blew me out of the water.

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