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Easter Sunday Success


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I'll quickly chuck this up before I nod off! 


Sunday morning was was spent on Micks boat with in the company of Tika and dad as well as myself and the skipper. Our plan to fish the Outer Gneerings was cut short by a huge swell and much stronger winds than predicted so we ducked back into the shelter of Point Cartwright and flicked some plastics round the rockwalls or some dinner in the form of a 40cm Estuary Cod and two 34cm Bream. 

With a fair bit of bait around we tried trolling diving hardbodies for tailor to no avail, until we saw a few bust ups. 

Sidenote: Trying to tie knots to double trebled stickbait when the boat is flying at 30 knots over decent chop is not advised...

Anyway! As soon as Dads new $34 Duel Adagio heavy hit the water, a short fight ensued before we lost a decent sized Mack tuna boatside. It would've been dads first (excluding a charter trip to the Great barrier), and would've been the first tuna in Mick's boat. A few expletives were exchanged which unfortunately sombered the mood. Essentially, Dad skulldragged the fish to the boat and proceeded to drop his rod and try and pull the fish in with his hands on the leader. I saw my rod (which he was using) was about to snap so I grabbed it so that if the fish took off, we would stay connected. Well, the fish bolted (as expected) and even braid did not beat the sharp chines now the boat. Goodbye lure!! 

Regardless, we continued to chase the tuna until we literally pushed straight through a big feeding school and Tika managed to dong one of the smaller fish on the head with her slug. A few nervous moment later with the Stradic singing, the tuna was boatside and then finally, boated! As a dream fish for Tika and something that her, myself and mick have worked hard to get, it was an awesome feeling and definitely not one that any of us will forget in the near future. Mick and I both failed to convert our bumps on the lure (several times smacking the lures out of the water) into fish. The session really did have he potential to be fish after fish until the tuna dispersed. A couple of photos should reveal Tika's emotions. 

Thanks for reading and apologies for the long winded report for one fish!  








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Nice one Tika. Always good to get the first one!

We headed out at about 5am yesterday morning and headed south to Rapers and Brays. The fish down there were feeding at about 15 knots. We only got into the fish when we headed back up to the south side of Pt Cartwright. Plenty of tailor feeding in the breakers, and mac tuna just behind them - a few hundred metres offshore.

They all seem to disperse around 9:30, once the wind kicked a little more easterly.

Were you guys up around Old Woman Island after the tuna dispersed?

Kelvin, 3 boats rolled on the Caloundra bar since yesterday morning. Every couple of minutes you'd get a set of waves roll in that was much larger than the average swell. Couple that with a low tide in the morning and I'm not too surprised by a few boats being rolled. 

Saw a school of mackerel (about a metre long) under the boat whilst chasing the tuna. Couldn't entice them unfortunately.

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We didn't go as far as old woman and didn't see any mackerel! 



 @Luvit, here is your update! 

We had an easy start to the morning launching from Pinkenba at 10:15, pulled some mackeral on slugs from a few different beacons and then headed northeast to some banks where we found tuna feeding on the current lines. A very special day! Two tuna in two days! 



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