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Moreton Bay Crab Cakes


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I haven't done a report in awhile, so thought I'd throw up something different.

Only had a couple of hours spare over the entire Easter, so did a last minute dash and threw some pots up a new creek to see if there were still any muddies hanging around. Came back the next day and was pleasantly surprised with two bucks from four pots. Being the last two I'll probably catch for a couple of months(I don't chase crabs in winter), I transformed them into recipe my wife and I have come to love. The funny thing is, apparently it's a real old school thing and is huge on the east coast of the US, however it doesn't seem common in Australia at all.

I've adapted my recipe over time (and so can you), but is dead simple. Here is what I call Moreton Bay Crab Cakes, and works with either mud crabs or sandies.

Start by boiling your crabs the same way you'd do them for anything else. Chill them, clean them, and pick the meat into a bowl. You want about 400-500g of meat. (My two muddies got me 412g, so say two to three mud crabs, or I'd say 4-5 sandies).

This is what you need:


400-500g of fresh crab meat

40g of breadcrumbs

1 egg, plus another egg yolk

2tbs of dijon mustard

pinch of paprika, pinch of cayenne pepper, pinch of all-purpose seasoning and a pinch of salt (go heavier on the paprika and pepper, but go easy on the salt and seasoning, the crab is already salty enough)

A couple of sprigs of parsley, finely chopped

Mix it all together in a bowl:


Using clean hands, mix thoroughly and form into balls about the size of a large lime.


Place uncovered in the fridge for about half an hour, just to firm up.

Take out of the fridge and dust in plain flour. Heat a good layer of sunflower oil in frying pan until around medium heat. Fry the ball for about two minutes each or until golden.


I flatten them slightly as I go, then flip them on their edge, so they end up like cubes.


When all sides are done, remove from the pan and drain on paper bowl or a rack. Remember the crab is cooked already, so they just need to be warm and crispy.


Serve with any salad, and dollop with your seafood sauce of choice. I usually just mix mayonnaise, a teaspoon of hot English mustard and the juice of half a lemon.


I put three of these on this plate for the photo, but two and the salad was a very filling meal.


Adapt it, modify it, even improve it, either way give it a go. Enjoy!


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2 hours ago, Drop Bear said:

Glad you directed me to this tybo. Awesome! Hopefully i can try this saturday.

I hope you like them. I did Singapore Chilli crab for years and loved it, but these are a lot easier, more versatile and just as tasty. Let me know how you go!

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