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The Report When You Don't Have One!!!


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Hi all, Well what a ( nearly ) donut. We went crabbing Wed/Thur Townsville.

Got 30 crabs one keeper ( just) all were jenny's undersized bucks. Not very nice on the water, very cool&windy.

Done a bit of fishing for bream/whiting/flatties, Nothing on the chew except undersized crabs.

Spoke to 1/2 dozen other blokes and they didn't seem to do any good either, nobody seemed to get 

any legal ones and b@gger all fish. Didn't even take a pic. New lecci motor went real good.

Will just have to put in some practice on it, should have had one years ago.

Tha Burdekin dam is overflowing again.( we had 8 inches rain 2 weeks ago) so we'll go down there this coming

week. Any how it was a couple of days on the water so can't complain.

That's it for now so I don't bore you's to death.



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Haven't heard any reports Ray.

Sure to be some on the downstream side in the gorge but pretty rugged getting down

there at my age, leave that to the young fella's.

Will be some in the dam but whether they are biting is another thing.

Will report  after we get back.


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