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Headed north yesterday morning for a change of scenery. Arrived at a fogged out dam, where I had trouble seeing the ramp while backing the trailer down, as the ramp changes direction half way down. Fog did not lift until 8 .30am, in that time I managed to get lost twice, because the spot lock would turn the boat around and you would not know what direction you were facing, ended up deep in a thick weed bed at one stage,

Anyway as the fog cleared the bass come on strong, these are the strongest fighting bass around, with their wide bodies and thick shoulders. I dont thick I got any bass below 40cm.I managed to get 2 whopper eels while I was bait fishing and lost another $350 worth of fishing gear over the side. I had repositioned my sounder closer to where I sit as I am picking up another sounder today and when the rod buckled over I hit the sounder while reaching for it and it deflected my hand and made me hit my rod and knock it out of the rod holder.But hey thats fishing:no::no::no: I look on the bright side of it now I can buy another, its only money and I cant take it with me when I kick the bucket:ausflag::fishing::1_grinning:











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