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Schmick Canoe At Hinze


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Went to the western arm this morning with Mark and his dad.
Fishing was ordinary with us only finding 8 scattered bass in the murky water.

Rick told me about his sure fire secret spot but it still remains a secret because I could not find it so if you find a home brew lid nailed to a tree you have found it.:frantics:
The highlight of the day was chatting to Craig who was setting out for a paddle in his exquisite canoe that took him 9 months to create

Even the paddle is a work of art.

He even went as far as to hand weave the cane in the seats.
Absolutely fantastic to see the results of a true craftsman.

It is his first attempt and he did it in his spare time after work built out of strips of western red cedar.

It is getting plenty ofuse as heis just back from trout fishing in the lakes down the snowy.


002 (640x360).jpg

003 (640x360).jpg




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