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Cmr Plans. Better Deal For Recs?


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Taken from FW email newsletter 24 July

21 July

THE Australian Recreational Fishing Foundation (ARFF) has cautiously welcomed the new Commonwealth Marine Reserve network plans released by the Director of National Parks Sally Barnes.

Managing director of ARFF Allan Hansard said: “Though we are still working through the detail of the plans, we are pleased to note that these plans demonstrate a more balanced approach to the Commonwealth marine reserve system than we have seen in the past.”

“The plans aim to deliver a world class marine reserve network while recognising the important contribution of key stakeholders, including Australian recreational fishers,” said Hansard.

“We think this plan goes a long way to achieving this objective.

“These plans are definitely a large improvement on the plans produced by the previous Government that would have seen recreational fishers locked out of over 1.3 million square kilometres of Australian seas, with out any scientific justification. Now we have access to 97 per cent of waters within 100km of the coast, and 80 per cent of the whole network.

“These plans maintain access to many of the iconic recreational fishing locations around Australia, with access to 76 per cent of the Coral Sea compared to 46 per cent in the previous plans meaning we have access to the world renowned Wreck, Marion, Shark and Osprey reefs in the Coral Sea and the Perth Trench and Geographe Bay in Western Australia.

“This will mean that Australians will still be able to sustainably fish these places for generations to come.

“Obviously we have some issues that we would like to have addressed before these plans are finalised. We will be using the submission process to raise these issues with the Government. We are particularly interested in how we can work with the Government in the future management of the new marine reserve network to improve community engagement, obtain a better understanding of fishing and the environment, trial new information management technologies and establish moorings and other systems to improve visitor experiences and recreational opportunities.

"We look forward to constructively work with the Government on these plans to ensure a world leading marine reserve network,” Hansard said.

Recfishwest, the peak rec fishing body in Western Australia, welcomed the latest Commonwealth Marine Reserves network plans, which recognises the importance of fishing in WA.

Recfishwest operations manager Leyland Campbell said Recfishwest were pleased to see these new plans deliver a more balanced approach than we have seen in the past and that the value of key recreational fishing areas have been acknowledged.

“These plans are definitely a large improvement on the plans produced by the previous Government which significantly impacted on fishing access,” Campbell said.

“After years of uncertainty, long drawn-out discussions and several different draft plans, todayís announcement is a better outcome for fishing.”

“These new plans maintain access to many of the iconic fishing locations around WA, including the Rottnest Trench and the South West’s Geographe Bay which had previously been earmarked for closed areas. This will mean that West Aussies can continue to sustainably fish these places for generations to come.”

Go to link to view the marine park plans in more detail and the process for feedback. Submissions close September 20, 2017.  https://parksaustralia.gov.au/marine/management/draft-plans/

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Taken from FW email newsletter 24 July


rabid "lock-it-up" mentality is still alive and well!

 FRIDAY'S Federal Marine Park announcement caught a few of the "extreme" environmental interest groups off guard. The draft marine park plan is the most recent update in an ongoing string of changes.

The original FederalMarinePark proposal was hatched under Labor's Environment Minister Tony Bourke back in 2012 and at the time created a heated battle between extreme environmental groups, rec fishers and commercial fishers. That plan was put on hold as an election promise by then Prime Minister Tony Abbott. Subsequent changes and a "Independent Review" seemingly put the ball back in the environmentalists' court before the most recent amendment was released on Friday.

Thankfully, in the years following Labor's initial marine Park lock-outs, Australia's rec fishing industry got its act together and put forward a solid argument for more balance in decisions affecting Australia's 5 million rec fishos.

On the surface, balance is what the recent announcement provides. Some of the more extreme lock-outs suggested under the Labor government have been wound back, and while it's not perfect, many rec fishers are pleased with this balanced approach.

Unfortunately the same can't be said for the usual extreme envoronmentalists; believe me, the "lock-it-up" mentality is still alive and well! Just hours after Friday's plan was released, social media was awash with emotive photos and headlines. For example, the photo of a sad-looking seal with a headline reading "Devastating News". Social media followers were quick to fire up, throwing all sorts of accusations and conspiracy theories back at the Coalition Government. One social media commentator even suggested PEW was siding with the Turnbull government, linking the charitable trust's dirty oil money past. That's an interesting theory...

In a statement released on Friday, the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) said: "Tourism jobs will also be placed at risk, particularly in the valuable dive and whale watching sectors", and "Australia will trump even Donald Trump if it implements these cut backs.”

How the whale watching industry will suffer under this plan is anyone's guess. While comparing the announcement to a "Trumpism" screams of desperation as these environment groups pull out all stops to continue locking us out of our favourite fishing spots.

So where does that leave us? Submissions are open on the draft managenment plan until September 20, 2017. Now is the time to have your say before the aforementioned extreme groups use more nonsensical emotive arugments to sway public opinion, and desision makers, against our interests. Click here and have your say - https://parksaustralia.gov.au/marine/management/draft-plans/

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