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Safe Sashimi

Drop Bear

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@Tybo mentioned that he had a trag that had a long tapeworm in the meat and I saw a post with xrays of someone that had reportedly eaten a lot of sashimi and gotten an enormouse amount or worms in his muscles.... I love Sashimi.... I have eaten a lot of it on fishing trips some of it straight off the filleting table and it got me wondering.

Is there a safe way to prepare Sashimi? I mean are you suposed to keep it for a day in the fridge or something?

I hope we get some Tuna or Trout at 1770 next month and I have really enjoyed eating it before and want to do it safely.

Thanks in advanced for posting gross photos of what my internal worms probably look like.... :)


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1 hour ago, aussie123 said:

I don't understand how anyone could get worms from it by eating worm slices unless they are eating worm eggs possibly

That is what i have been told. I'd imagine the stomach acids would be pretty harsh on a worm that lives in meat.  

Dunno really..... im just hungry i suppose haha.

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So with a bit of google help it seems the greatest threat is from fresh water Sashimi. Trout pike salmon.

So I wont be eating any bass sashimi fresh from the dams. They suggest freezing it to kill the worms and eggs before eating.

Salt water only fish seem to be fine and relatively free from problems. I have seem lots of worms in the air bag part on Golden Trevally I have caught. 

So it seems safe to eat the reefies that we will catch at 1770. Id reckon that mosses perch would be fantastic.

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