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Do You "severely" Know Of This?


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It comes to being that while many boat owners have special licenses, neither spear-fishers from shore nor low powered ocean going light dingy require a license hence no training either !

I am a bow fisher apart fly fisher, and i share my legal saltwater region with all spear-fishers, however, most spear fishers use a hand spear or spear-gun but the essence , they are "DIVERS".

One of the things i saw from the rocks i was waiting on was a person move in swimming and he pointed to a flag on a buoy that was obviously not as large and distracting as the type of flag in the following about spear fishing safety.

DID YOU KNOW (and how many didn't) , there is a type of "international standard" safety flag for spear fishing pairs called a type-A or Alpha flag !

Transport safety PDF document for spear fishers


URL: section: "Safe spearfishing"

..."Avoid propeller strike. To alert other vessels in the vicinity that there are divers on the surface ensure your safety vessel clearly displays the international diver-down flag "A" and that all divers in the water are towing a highly visible float with a safety flag attached."...








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One of the one s i saw dragged a small float ball around as a marker-buoy  , until he surfaced i had no real idea but the problem i had is he went through my firing sweep area for the bow , it was a bit lucky , i like to target particular large size limit fish and identify them first anyhow, that and the only safe option at long range is both size and sticking to silver flashes of the type of movement before any attempt (safer point to identify it also by "isms" as a creature also).

Many people don't know of those flags (or the dive perhaps but it is in fact a choice not an actual legal obligation for sub surface spear fishers).

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