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Bit Of A Surprise


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Hi Everyone

Fishing Ningi Creek the other day and decided to anchor near the red beacon towards the mouth around 8.00am to fish the last 2 hours of the run out.

Anchored up in 5 mtrs of water with about 15mtrs of rope out in quite a bit of run and anchor rope is taught, just starting to enjoy a cup of tea when my boat starts to move slowly upstream against the tide, anchor rope hasn't gone slack though, as quick as it happened anchor rope goes slack and the boat settles back on taught anchor rope again , I am thinking WTF's going on here, all of sudden the boat heads up stream again only this time the bow starts dipping quite violently, everything stops, anchor rope goes slack again and she settles back down on a taught anchor rope, by this time I am a bit concerned and thinking it might be best to move, when right beside the boat up pops one of these bad boys, I am in a 4mtr tinny and this fella was almost as long.

He or she was obviously rubbing themselves on the anchor rope for some fun.

This is not a picture of the actual dugong that made me age somewhat but similar.



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3 hours ago, rickmarlin62 said:

not a good feeling I had a whale swim into anchor rope bout ten yrs ago in 50mtrs of water   we were doing bout 8/10 knots and had water coming over bow in centre console by time I cut the rope...those dugongs are a big critter...glad your ok..rick

wow that is crazy!!! I hope it ended ok?


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15 hours ago, ellicat said:

Awesome experience and some good info in your story, MSB ;). I've never seen a live one.

@tugger has had a couple of whale run-ins near Boat Rock too, Rick.

Thanks Ellicat

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13 hours ago, Drop Bear said:

wow fantastic!!! What a treat! 

So how did the fishing go? 

Morning Drop Bear

Fishing was ordinary on the day, couple of rays and few small grunter, thats it , but the gong made the day worthwhile

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11 hours ago, kmcrosby78 said:

Do they taste like chicken .............??:whistle::frantics:

That would be one memorable fishing session/story @MSB, won't forget that one in a hurry. Are the normally in that area?

Morning KMC

Fishing was ordinary on the day, experience memorable, I regularly see them in the passage mostly around Donnybrook, couple of weeks back I had a cow and her young calf working round the boat when I was fishing in Tony's Gutter, didn't help the fishing much at the time but hey, gotta love nature.

Not sure what they taste like, others may know

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