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Bream On The Top

Little Grey Men

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I occasionally take my lures out for a swim in the rust water. This morning I went for a paddle along some mangroves and tossed poppers and walkers to the feisty bream who chased just about everything I threw at them, especially if it looked anything like a prawn.

No huge bream were caught but I had fun chucking lures deep into the shady pockets of the mangroves and extracting these spiky little devils.

I had a big fish splashing in front of me so I put a cast over it and jagged a great big longtom ! The thing took off straight into the mangroves and I bid fairwell to my nice sugar pen. For some reason the line went slack as it left the mangroves and headed to open water where some fellow fishos in a boat helped me retrieve my lure after the fish was worn down enough.

All in all a very pleasant morning.





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