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Decky Spot - Little Run To Moreton Monday

Drop Bear

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Im just heading to kooringal on monday early to have  look at some oysters and a house. Can take 2 ppl if anyone wants a joy ride but there might be some hanging arround.

Leaving wynnum creek early but time tba. Might take a squid rod and see if there are any around green yet. Hope to be home 10 or12 ish. 

Its an open boat so you will need to be sun smart and you might get splashed if the wind gets up. 

Pm me for details if keen

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On 3/3/2018 at 8:54 PM, aussie123 said:

A mate caught a heap of squid today somewhere in the southern bay.


On 3/3/2018 at 9:05 PM, kmcrosby78 said:

Ummmmmm ........ Rob, if I was you, I'd listen to Lance not me ........... ;):)

I will take everyone's advice :) I didn't end up going... Yesterday morning Met Eye was showing 20knots... today 5-10... And I canceled it. Sadface. 

I might just jump in the boat and have a look at green this morning.

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