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Opinions On Sufix 832 Braid And Keitech Plastics


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Hey all,

Heading home to Cairns for a holiday next week (from Singapore), and was going to stock up tackle here because its cheaper.

Anyone have an opinion on Sufix 832 braid for plastics fishing?

Also my last two trips back to Aus, had a lot of success with Keitech plastics. The price of them here is fantastic (6 bucks a pack!), so wondering if anyone has opinions on specific colours and patterns? Last time the white 'Shad impacts' and pink 'easy shiners' were working for me.



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Sufix 832 has a good reputation but I have not used it myself. 

I have felt the composition of the Keitech plastics and I really like them and expect they would be a good plastic. Style and colors will depend on the what you're targeting. If fishing offshore I go for Pink, white, bright green, clear colours in jerk shad patterns. If fishing dirty estuary's I'd go for dark green, white, gold, pumpkinseed, motor oil colors in grub patterns and paddle tails.


Have a good holiday.

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