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Baroon Way Way Back


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Took mate Glen for a trip up to Baroon and introduced him to some magic bait fishing. Glen had never bait fished in fresh water and boy was he in for a treat. We hit the open water to start with trolling, with me picking up a couple of bass and Glen finding some spangle perch. I mentioned to Glen that we would find the fish first then try and catch a few on lures before using shrimp. It didnt take to long to find out that they were not one bit interested in lures we offered them, we both used about a dozen different lures.

So it was time for us to send down some of the best fish finders available.It was met with instant success, it was fish on and on and on, Glen could not believe his eyes as he pulled in bass after bass and all good sized ones. We found the bass way back in the backwaters, probably searching the new found grass.We would keep trying casting to the edges but the bass were only interested in the live bait and with 2 of us using it it didnt take to long to run out. Managed 53 bass with biggest at 47 and smallest 34cm, most around 40cm.Glen then started asking questions about shrimp traps, I had a chuckle to myself, I think he may be wanting to do this again some time.






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