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How & Why To Nominate For Master Angler Report Of The Month

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Howdy all.

So just wanted to sticky this in the ROTM category for future reference. The idea of the competition is all for a bit of competitive fun without involving sheep stations so please keep fun in mind.

Why should you nominate? Firstly the support members who help make the site worth visiting! Even if you are also competing please be selfless in their endevour as the site would be a very sad place to visit without reports! Secondly to support a sponsor that is really giving a fair bit over the course of a year to help the site.

How can you nominate?

Below the format and each month there will be a thread where these nominations can be made and discussions had if needed.

Reporters Username:

Report Name:

URL Link:

Thanks everyone in advance!

And thanks to Master Angler for the support!


Angus & The AFO Team

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